Complaints regarding the curriculum and collective worship should, initially, be brought to the attention of the Headteacher. If parents find they must embark upon the complaints procedure the Headteacher will provide the relevant details. This is in line with the Education Reform Act 1998.

General complaints should follow the procedure detailed below:

Initially, concerns should be made known, where possible, to the class teacher.

  1. If the matter is not satisfactorily resolved, it should be escalated to the Headteacher.
  2. If the Headteacher cannot resolve the matter, it will be passed to the Chair of Governors, who may refer the matter to a governor complaints sub-committee.
  3. If the complaint still remains unresolved the LA may become involved.

All complaints will be noted and action reports kept. The Chairperson/Headteacher will notify the complainant of any investigation.