Pastoral Care

Code of Conduct

 Everyone will act with courtesy and consideration at all times. Your child will be expected to:

  • listen attentively and follow instructions
  • speak politely to everyone
  • contribute to a quiet working atmosphere
  • move sensibly about the school
  • concentrate and work to the best of their ability
  • help each other and work together as well as independently


The following behaviour will not be tolerated:         

  • bullying or physical violence of any sort
  • rudeness, shouting or the use of bad language
  • abusing other people’s property
  • disruption of lessons, assembly or games


Rewards and Sanctions

Rewards and Sanctions will include:



Praise for good work

Removal of responsibility

Praise for thoughtful behaviour

“Time out” from the current activity

Acknowledgement of effort and achievement

Exclusion from playtime or special activities for a given period

Giving of responsibility

Involvement of the Headteacher/Deputy Headteacher

Additional acknowledgement by the Headteacher

Involvement of parents


Exclusion from taking part in school teams


Discipline at school is simple and straightforward, and is based on courtesy, consideration and respect for one another. Children are expected to display good manners, be courteous and thoughtful towards others at all times. We try to teach the children a code of conduct, which we hope you will support. It places emphasis on self respect, self discipline, learning to live together, concern for others both in and out of school and respect for property. If a child’s behaviour regularly fails to reach an acceptable level, his/her parents will be invited to School to discuss the problems and how these problems can be resolved.


We encourage parents and children to tell us if they think that bullying is happening in school. It is a subject openly discussed by class and teachers, especially in ‘circle time’. Both bully and victim can then be helped to explore and experience their feelings to each other and appropriate help and on-going support given to both to overcome the problems. Parents will, of course, be informed.

Emotional and Behavioural Problems

It is important if children experience these problems, that Home and School support each other. A member of the Central Bedfordshire Council Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties Team or the Psychological Service may be able to help the child, parents and school.